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The Puddletown Saga

Released September 2021


The Tale of Tom Grey

Book 1

This is Tom Grey. Life has changed a great deal for little Tom. A new home, new school, new friends and an awful lot to learn! 

This is the first book in the Puddletown Saga, a series for young families to read together each day over a family meal. This first book is themed around friendship and what it means to be a great friend. 

Together with Alexa, Billy, Scoop and the rest of the Puddletown gang, Tom’s story will give your family all kinds of interesting situations to discuss together and figure out what the lovable characters could, or should do. 

Every family is unique

We all have our different priorities, beliefs, and ways in which we want our children to be happy, healthy and strong. Our creative team is passionate about helping families grow and learn together and that’s what this series is all about. Each day the story presents the lovable characters with a dilemma or challenge to overcome. There are questions to help guide the conversations with your little ones, and no right or wrong answers! 


How it works

1. The Story
Mealtimes are a wonderful opportunity for families to engage in great conversation together. This book has been designed for use in this kind of setting, when there’s time to listen, debate, and laugh together. Each day tells the next part of Tom’s story, with a mini-challenge, dilemma, or even a cliffhanger at the end!  

2. Discuss

Each day there are a couple of questions about the story. These are to help guide your conversations and for your family to think through what they might do in a similar situation. This is your opportunity to explore themes around empathy, morals, behaviour, and patterns of positive thinking together. Remember, there’s not usually a ‘right answer’ so you can focus on the areas that are important to you.

Dive Deeper and Think

This part is optional for you – but we’ve included it because we think that wherever your faith is at, the Bible has loads of useful things to say about almost every issue. Each day has a verse relating to the theme and a little thought about the verse. There’s the chance to discuss, decide what you think for yourself and it’s a wonderful way to develop your family priorities and ethos. It will help you to guide your little ones to develop a strong moral compass, a compassionate heart, and a clear understanding of who they are, and who they want to be.


Available now

Book 1: The Tale of Tom Grey is available now from us. It is A4 size, contains 28 days of story, questions and beautiful illustrations and costs £6.99 individually. 

For 10 copies these are available for £4.99 each.

To purchase more than 10 copies please get in touch for a bulk discount price. 

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