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Our Story

After many decades of combined experience working with children, young people and some of the most deprived communities in the UK, in 2017 our team launched the Hidden Treasure Discovery Centre - a not-for-profit organisation with a Christian ethos that would be run for the benefit of our local community. In the short few years we've been operating, our team, remit and impact has grown at a rate we could only dream of. Later this year we will be launching the Hidden Treasure Trust CIO and operate as a full charity. 


In 2018 we launched the Hideaway - a massive educational children's play centre and Noah's Ark Cafe. The Hideaway also incorporates a training space that enables us to run a range of community support services. The Hideaway exists for the benefit of our local Partington community as well as the wider borough and region. We work in close partnership with a range of local churches and other organisations to provide the best services, support and access to genuine relationships possible. Our aim is to play our part in improving lives, helping families grow strong together and to support the social, physical, emotional and spiritual development of children, youth and adults. 


At the start of the coronavirus epidemic in March our facility began operating as the Hope Centre - acting as a response hub and central point of information and coordination for our community. We provided thousands of food parcels, hot meals, packed lunches, energy support, wellbeing calls and other support for the wider community. As a result of this work, in June 2021 we opened a permanent Hope Centre in an empty shop unit at the heart of a local estate. From there, our team provides 1-1 support and advice for the entire community, provides a weekly food pantry and food bank, second-hand school uniform, and a whole range of additional support for our community. 

Alongside our work in the community, members of our team have been producing quality resources, running courses and community events which are either relational, educational or evangelistically focussed - sometimes all 3! All of these resources have been tried and tested, refined and now we're in a position to release them to the rest of the world! Over the coming months we will be releasing more of our books, community courses and posting ideas and information about free community events which all churches can easily run to bless and connect with their local community.   

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