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Christmas Stories series

Using Christmas to share the gospel and stories Jesus told


The littlest Christmas tree

2023 Children's book

When Sticky the littlest Christmas tree in the yard is left alone and unchosen, he loses all hope and feels too small to be of any use to anyone. Fortunately, it only took one person to see what amazing potential Sticky had...

Sticky is a story for all children who feel small and overlooked. It's a parable of the way in which God has placed incredible gifts and potential in each one of us, and just needs a little time for us to grow and become all that we were made to be. 
It's a lovely full-colour A5 story, ideal for younger children. Written in rhyme in simple words, it's a fantastic giveaway for toddler groups, churches and schools with large bulk discounts available. 


The Great Christmas Secret

Book and church resource pack

The Great Christmas Secret tells the story of Pearl, a girl with a curl. Pearl doesn't like Christmas, that is until one night she is taken on a journey of discovery to find out what Christmas is all about. 

The story is A5 in size, written in rhyme and suitable for younger children. It makes a wonderful gift, or giveaway this Christmas to children in your toddler group or church. Along with the book itself, you can order a resource pack.

The pack includes everything you need to create and run a themed session or Christmas party alongside the book, we can take the hassle out of this year's Christmas event and help you teach your little ones about the real meaning of Christmas. 


Santa's Special Gift

Book 1

A few years ago our creative team wrote a special book for younger children as a Christmas giveaway. The enjoyable story is written in rhyme and follows the journey of a disgruntled Santa who is struggling with the idea of only giving gifts to 'good' children as we're all grumpy, sad or even bad sometimes, no matter how hard we try! 

One Christmas eve Santa crash lands in a special place where he discovers the story of someone very special who will change everything for him. 

It's a wonderful way to share the message of God's love and grace with young children and the story has been loved by thousands of young children so far, regardless of the beliefs of their own family. This book makes for a fantastic gift for toddler and play groups. 

The Lost Elf
(called Clive)

Book 2

In the follow up book to Santa's Special Gift, Clive is one of Santa's Elves that struggles to find his place in the workshop but longs to be special. Heading off to find his place, Clive quickly gets into trouble and needs to be rescued. Santa immediately leaves behind all the other Elves and heads into the night in search of the little Elf. 

This story is a rhyming story for young children which parodies and explains the story of the lost sheep. It's a lovely follow up book which helps children to understand their own value and worth. 

The Lost Elf makes  the perfect giveaway for schools and the community when used in conjunction with the personalised Lost Elf advent calendar for an amazing Christmas community trail event. 


The Missing Toys

Book 3

New for 2021, The Missing Toys is book 3 in our Christmas series for younger children. 

In this story Joe the new elf realises he's made a huge error and all the children from one town have been forgotten and left with no gift from Santa this year. 

Santa needs a miracle! He remembers the miracle that Jesus did when he fed 5000 hungry people, but miracles are super and rare and this was toys not food. What could Santa do?

This rhyming story for younger children teaches us that God cares about everything in our lives and wants to bless us so much that sometimes, he proves it in amazing ways! 

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