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Halloween resources

From a Christian organisation


Sometimes I feel scared...

This book has been created as a quality giveaway which is ideal for toddler groups, churches and to distribute on the doorstep. It can of course also be useful for parents who are simply struggling with children who are scared! It's aimed at young children but has been used successfully with children between the ages of 2 and 8.

Though not specifically for or about Halloween or evangelistically focussed, the book is all about fear and how we can overcome our fears with Jesus. It promotes a tried and tested technique to help children overcome and manage their fears. It's ideal to giveaway and can be used in conjunction with our event resource packs and ideas for evangelistic events at Halloween. 

Halloween Policy

At the Hideaway we choose not to celebrate Halloween. Whilst this is frustrating to some parents, many are happy that they're able to take their children somewhere safe to play without all of the scary decorations which some children do struggle with. 

We have a specific policy to explain our stance to families. If you would like to use it, please feel free to download and use it with your group. 

Festive Lights

Evangelistic Events

There are strong arguments for and against churches putting on events around the time of Halloween. In simple terms, it's a 'holy night' for all that is dark and contrary to the gospel and therefore not for churches to mark. On the other hand, a majority of children across the country will be out and about, trick or treating and many feel the opportunity to be a light and share Jesus on a dark night is too good to be missed. For those who feel that way, here are some ideas to bless your community. 

Hold an open event in your car park or suitable outdoor space

Bless families as they walk by. Welcome them in, and maybe keep them there for as long as possible! 

  • Serve hot dogs. Use camping stove to make it easier!

  • Give out hot chocolate or hot drinks. Parents will appreciate this.

  • Toast marshmallows. Build a small fire pit and help children toast.

  • Make a light trail. Use light up toys on sticks with a word attached and glow sticks, give out torches and sheets and have families find the next part of a bible verse as they follow the trail. 'Jesus is the light of the world' type verses are ideal! 

  • Make a disco and share the gospel. Use a video projector and disco lighting on a big screen, and every 20 minutes put on a short video sharing the gospel in a child-friendly way. 

  • Hire a fairground ride. This should cost around £250 for an evening with an operator running it for free. You'll draw a big crowd!

  • Run some crafts. Think about light crafts or decorate a small box. Teach the kids to imagine putting their fears in the box and ask Jesus to look after it so they don't need to hold on to it themselves.

  • Offer a prayer tent. Use the tent as an interactive prayer space with lots of lights and opportunities to pray for peace, ours fears, our worries and focus on Jesus being a light in the darkness.  

  • Give out gift bags. Be sure to include something that points children to Jesus such as our sometimes  I feel scared book, or a book of Hope from UCB as well as sweet treats. 

  • Most of all - build relationships! Keep it all free and relaxed, chat to people, get to know people and be armed with invites to other events or alpha. Look for opportunities to pray for people. 


Toddler groups and Light Parties

Many churches will be expected by non-Christian attendees to do something special for Halloween. Whether it's a Light Party for your Kids Church, a Toddler group special or something similar, we've got you covered. It's a great opportunity to share the love and light of Jesus with families that don't quite understand what the 'problem' is with Halloween. 

Our Church Resource pack is based upon our book 'Sometimes I feel scared'. It includes themed crafts, messy play, colouring sheets, activities, games and song suggestions all based around the theme of fear. It also includes a walk-through of the book, what to say and do as you take children through the story in a fun and interactive way for younger children.

You can go through the pack and choose the elements that will work for you and your group, and create your session or party around the ideas in the pack. There are also general suggestions for your party or event which will help you to plan a brilliant night for your kids that's centered around Jesus. 

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