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Sometimes I feel is scared follows the story of Adam, a young boy who is scared of lots of things. Adam goes in search of answers, eventually finding the secret of his own grandad's bravery. 


This delightful A5 short story is ideal for children aged 2-8 who sometimes struggle with fear. It teaches them to use a tried and tested technique for overcoming fear through taking those fears to Jesus. 


You can see a PDF of the story here (It is illegal to print or photocopy). It's an ideal giveaway for toddler groups, churches and on the doorstep through Halloween.  


You can purchase a single copy for £2 plus P&P

10 copies for £15 + P&P

25 copies for £19.95 inc P&P (use discount code FREEDEL at checkout)

For much larger quantities please get in touch. 

Sometimes I feel scared (25)



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