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Life has changed a great deal for little Tom Grey. A new home, new school, new friends, and an awful lot to learn!


This is the first book in the Puddletown Saga series and all about friendship. The books have been designed for young families to read together each day over a family meal, following the daily adventures of Tom Grey and his animal friends. Each day the story presents the lovable characters with a dilemma or challenge to overcome.


This enjoyable series is ideal for cultivating quality conversation, helping young families to explore their own values, beliefs, and priorities together.

Book 1: the Tale of Tom Grey

SKU: 00001
  • Size 297mm x 210mm (A4), 36 pages. 

    28 days of daily story. 

    Cover soft touch matt laminated. 

    Story and questions by Mark Lloyd, Ruth Lancey and Jessica Jenkins

    Illustrations by Paul Seddon

    Published by Hidden Treasure Trust

    ISBN 978-1-915098-00-9

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