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At the Hideaway and in our community we run a whole range of courses. Many of these have been written in house and delivered by our team of experienced professionals. They have been written with our local community in mind. 

Our courses for adults cover a range of subjects including social courses such as confidence or goal setting, taking care of your own mental health and employment support courses. For children our Hideout 6 week sessions are ideal for children aged 5-10 who are struggling with their own mental health or finding it hard to make friends. 

We are in the process of turning our courses and resources into a format which enables other churches and organisations to download and run them for themselves. As well as being able to support people in our communities in a whole range of ways, they're a fantastic way of connecting and supporting people no matter where they're at. The courses themselves can be run by anyone and are suitable for people of faith or no faith, but they have been written from a biblical perspective and lend themselves to enhancing conversations around faith as the opportunities arise. 

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